cane corso

Apr 4, 2006
Canada, Toronto
05 Triumph rocket 111
Hi you guys I finally got a Rocket. Now I feel like one of you guys. I just bought it Sat a 2005 Rocket and its orange with the black Tribal but it has 14000 miles on it though but it has a lot of goodies on it. It has all the gages on the handle bars and the digital oil gauge and the handle bars are pulled back. And the big wind screen heated handle grips and extra front lights and running boards which I don't care for. And a Corbin heated seat with a Corbin back seat with back rest which is really cool and the passenger seat that warms up as well and the back seat and has a back rack. But I might need to sell this Corbin heated seat if I can't adjust the back support to fit me. He was about six feet and he reached the handle bars and the back rest was positioned perfectly right against his back. I look lost in the seat :) And it comes with a jell seat and passenger seat that came with the bike that he never used it at all – it’s brand new. And he bought new custom mirrors that he didn't like so he put the original mirrors back on but I'm going to switch the custom mirrors and put them on instead. And since he ordered this custom kit he has the brand new metals taken off the bike right away and they are all wrapped up in a box and never touched and he sold them with the bike. The original tins are red. And he ordered Triump’s high performance exhaust system so I also have the brand new original exhaust system still in the box – never been used not even once. On this high performance exhaust that he got he left the cat on he said it’s gutted but he said it was too loud for him so he put the empty box back on and it is not as loud. So is there is any one that has the Jardine exhaust that it’s too loud for them I'll trade them. The only reason why is that I like the two exhaust system better. And it also came with Triumph leather saddle bags with the chrome in the front – they are in nice shape but I think I'm going to sell them because it also came with two other bags that if I do go on a trip they could go on the back rest and rest on my luggage rack and that will be good enough for me (these came with covers). And I got all that for $12,600! When it's nicer weather I'll clean it up and take some pictures and post them. Oh, by the way, My wife said I could keep my VTX 1800 as well:) I hope I put this in the right spot because I'm not the greatest on the computer.
I was wondering when you were going to get a Rocket, it has been a long time coming. Congrats. Sounds like you got a good deal with losts of goodies. Give the floorboards a chance. I didn't like mine at first but got used to them and now I really appreciate them on long rides.

BTW I went ahead and moved your post to a new thread.
Sounds Great

CC...... I enjoyed reading your post filled with excitement about getting the beast! Kind of like a kid in a candy store all pumped up and ready to go. It reminded me of my first encounter with the R3. Immediately fell head over heals...... then I got up off the floor and went to look at my ride. I couldn't wait to get home, hop on the internet and start looking for accessories.

They say half the fun is the journey but getting to the destination has it's own rewards. Congrats! You are now catagorized as "Full Fledged".
It's about time Cane, we all but gave up on you.:D

I'm really happy for you as it sounds very nicely setup. The orange tribal is a rarity and quite a looker.

Can't wait to see some pictures.

Your excitement comes thru load and clear as you write.:)

By the way, does your wife have a sister?;)
new Rocket

Thanks Pig 9R. Thanks for moveing my post I'll get the hang of it soon I hope. So you like the floor boards better? I just find that the floor boards make your feet flat. And the foot pegs would allow your feet to be more stretched out and on a angle. Wouldn't that be more comfortable? on a long ride? How long did it take to get used to them? And thank you guys on your support but you should'nt have given up on me so soon. I was like a kid in a candy store I spent most of the day today cleanning up my bike to find out this bike is like brand new. Ok Sidecar I give up what is CF mean? And Hondax sorry my wife does not have a sister . If she did she would have been takeing a long time ago. I'll get pictures up as soon as I get back from Texas I'll be back Thursday. Oh my Rocket even has that cruise controll when you tighten the end of the hand grip it will stay at that speed I thought that was really cool. Of all the stuff that it as I think I'll still find more to put on it:)
Cane for me it is nice to be able to move my feet around. I can straighten my legs and rest my heels on the footboards. It took me a month or two to really start to like them, mainly getting used to the heel-toe shifting. Just my opinion, you may not like them now and hate them even more in the future.
My only drawback with the floorboards is that when you are stationary, like at a traffic light, you need to widen your stance to clear the boards. For some reason it feels uncomfortable to me. This drawback by no means would cause me to go back to pegs.

Cane Wrote:
I just find that the floor boards make your feet flat. And the foot pegs would allow your feet to be more stretched out and on a angle. Wouldn't that be more comfortable? on a long ride? How long did it take to get used to them?

Rechecking your dizzying Rocket options, I noticed no highway pegs. :eek: They might be just the ticket. At 6'4" even I can stretch my legs out with those babies on.