DO NOT buy a 2020 R3...


Jan 7, 2020
Nixa, MO
2020 R3 GT
... don't even think about it. I haven't been able to get a good nights sleep since I was told it might show up in Dec. My wife says I've been gone in my mind since then. I have that look in my eye like a supermodel just sat down across the seat from me. I've read every post on the internet and watched every video on YouTube several times. I go to bed late and get up several times through the night checking to see if anything else got posted while I was wasting time sleeping.

Then I find that there's one just three hours from me and even though I have a TFC on order I just can't stand the fact that I'm not riding one yet. I do the math and talk myself out of the TFC and drive 3 hours to go do the deal. After getting it loaded on the trailer I drive 3 hours back and I don't even remember driving. I was taking the bike about in my head and making parts for it to really make it mine. I get back to the shop and take it for a spin and it's everything I hoped it would be and more. Man what a rush. Tons of torque and feels like I'm driving a dirtbike. It feels so nimble compared to all my other cruisers.

So now I had another sleepless night because it's going to be almost 60 degrees here today and I'm thinking about calling in sick but the bike is at the shop and I'm the Boss. The other problem is I really want to start on the parts list I'm going to build. I'm a mess. LOL

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jack Arzoomanian

To the moon
Jan 14, 2020
Richmond va USA
2020 rocket 3r
Jus got mine in Richmond Va. You right, no 700lb bike I ever rode rides like this. My mods are going to be loose the headlight size turn signals ( called England got the euro spec on order 230$ without shipping) and do a rear fender elimination. Tuck it under the rear. It will show off that big brembo and tidy it up. Still waiting to see if arrow will market the pipe that's on the TFC

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