again thhis picture thing does not work for me:confused:

of all the forums i belong to this is the only one that i have trouble posting pics:mad:
one more try i cleared an old attachment:(


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Ah Ha!!! Look... I can see it!!

Just about the time you get the hang of the pic thing we will change the whole forum :D

Since it gets to be over 100 F here every day, where do I find this "cool air" stuff :roll:

Just kidding... I see what you are doing there... does it work??
time will tell. i am hoping with the air temp sensor relocated ( its in the intake rubber of #2 throttle body) and blocking off some of that superheated air that the ecu gets a more accurate and cooler reading of the intake air i am consuming. maybe that will lead to a little boost in performance and steadier idle when hot:confused:
Ohhh... I know what you are talking about :eek:. If you ate an entire bag of those things the sugar alone would put you into shock (I know, don't ask why). We are dating ourselves. I think they were made by the same people who brought us Peeps. (Wrech, yak, gag)
You guys are wasting your time I reckon! The moving air displaces the heated air off the engine! And when you aren't moving the heat will be radiated anyway. The only way to effectively control the heat is to ceramic coat the components inside the block and retain the heat inside the engine converting to more power!!