Chugging Rocket


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Jun 14, 2006
Lincoln, NE
This is my first post on this forum, so excuse me if this problem has been addressed. I have had my R3 for 10 months and have @8500 miles on it. I had the TOR pipes and CAT bypass done, and the richer tune done (not sure which one, the dealer did it). About 1000 mi ago I started having trouble with intermittent low idle and chugging at steady throttle. I have tried different fuel octanes and it makes no difference. I finally took the bike to the dealer and they had it three days and said the adjusted the idle, stepper motor, and ran a full diagnostics on the ECM, and now it runs fine(they charged me $80.00 for what I thought would be warranty). I drove the bike home 60 miles and it seemed better for a couple of days, and then back to the same thing. I have no problem with acceleration, and sometimes it runs fine, but I believe this is getting worse to the point that it is no fun to ride anymore. The bike will even die occasionally at lights when you pull in the clutch. I feel that my dealer is clueless to this and this gives me a sinking feeling that I have 18 grand in a bike that no one can fix. any help out there would be appreciated. Thanks Dan:mad:
Hey Danno!!!

Ask any question you want, I don't know if we can answer it but we have never been afraid to try:D....

Poor idle quality plagues quite a few Rockets. This is my therory... the self learning feature resets the idle down to a level that causes the poor idle. In theory you should be able to adjust it up using the Triumph scanner ect ect ect but it always seems to slide back to a unacceptable idle. Why does it do this?? I don't have a clue.

Here is an experiment I did on mine and it works. You readjust the mechanical throttle stop so it can't possibly close the throttle plate to such a small opening that the bike won't idle. There is a whole thread on TRat but to bypass all the critics I will direct you to the WIKI..

This is an advanced sort of adjustment, if you don't have the tools or skills I would get some professional help. I have been running this on my bike for months and haven't had any problems... just a rock solid idle..
Welcome DANNO.

One other thing you should not of had to pay for the service either. With your bike being 10 months old it is still in warranty.
Mine is shocking,it wont even start without about quarter throttle and stalls all the time.
Stevered is trying to get tuneboy to look at my bike and see if we can get something sorted
Mine did the same thing (chugging), the dealer/shop got to the bottom of it by changing the air filter which was very dirty. that solved my chugger. hope this may help.

This is shocking. I hope mine doesn't start this. I've only 1700 miles on the bike. I have noticed a little idle wobble on start up, noticed a flat area in the throttle on acceleration, and I have had a few times where it took three attempts to start the bike. I haven't had any problems as severe as what has been described here and at though.