Cheaper Air Deflectors


Apr 22, 2006
Cleveland, SC
Rocket III
Just couldn't hang with the high dollar plastic deflectors. Check out my album for the chrome ones (tip from this forum). These are longer than most , one hole drilled, relocated the turn signals to the driving lamp brackets. They work! Cost $49.
Respectable alternative:)

Anytime someone says, "check out my album" I'm at a loss as to how to do that. It must be intuitive and I've just not been around long enough.

And the tool bag? Specifications? I like what appear to be side (longitudinal) mounting straps.
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Yea, come clean. I looked on the Kuryakyn page under "front end" in the Harley section and they had 2 different numbers an 1105 and 1106 for 2 different kind of Harleys. Which one did you get? Listed for $59.99 on the Kuyrakyn page. I like chrome and don't want to pay Triumph list at local dealer $147.00.
Those might work, they go much lower than the Triumph ones. I might give them a try, its only money.
Air Deflectors source

Sorry for the delay guys. The Kury air deflectors came from and the part # is KY-1105. Price is 44.96 plus $5 shipping or free is you order more. I am very happy with the chrome and function and wish I had tried this a year ago. Should be obvious where it mounts. Put in the top bolt and align everything. Then scribe the other hole, centerpunch, start with a small bit then work your way up. I used some clear finger nail polish in the hole -thought it may help. I routed the right turn signal wires to the right side and mounted with the fog/driving lights. If you don't have these you will have to adjust. Later I may just make some 3" extenders for the original mounts and put them back.
For the bag- removed the furby mouth piece (air horn under left cover) and used a couple of camping belts things to strap to the tubes after cuttng a slit in the bag. Works for me.:bch:

Other than a 'styling' option, do these actually help with the aerodynamics of the bike?

I also just bought motolights to attach and do these mount OK together (if anyone has done that)

I put them on to stop the helmet jerking from the underside air flow. Looks came in second. I just didn't like the plastic ones.

Hey there guys. I just bought these deflectors. I am not keen on drilling holes in my forks and don't have the fog/driving lights either. I am looking for some form of band (hoseclamp like) that provides a threaded bolt (or not) that I can mount on the fork (no holes drilled) and then put a bolt (or nut) onto to mount the deflector.

Anybody have any ideas for this?