Cat Box Innards


Jul 1, 2007
Is it possible to cut the cat box in half, remove the innards, and stick it back together instead of getting a cat box eliminator? Would that serve the same purpose?
Honestly I've no idea. I've heard of muffs/silencers being gutted but getting the stink out of a cat-box??

Gas emissions testing could be right around the corner everywhere. Having a fully infested fur ball stricken cat-box sitting on the shelf, could be an act of self-preservation. A citation could be in your future. Having the full cat-box reinstalled, pre-court appearance, could be a big savings.

The word I got was, "...I wouldn't screw with it", nationwide enforcement is on the horizon. I keep the box ready for remount. In the out-back areas, where some semblance of freedom still exists, this may be decades away.:D
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It would not flow the same. If you are going to go that route you might as well just build your own bypass or have an exhaust shop build one, it might be cheaper.
It would be nice to have a pattern to take to the exhaust shop to copy. Its hard to believe someone has not done this yet. The Triumph bypass cost more than a complete exhaust system for a car.
I was under the impression that some of the US model Cat Boxes were empty in the '05 models, I don't imagine that would apply to bikes sold in Cali. It may be worth looking into.
You might be right..

Hey, I really appreciate all of your responses. Her3tic, I think you are right. Washington State ain't that far from California. I'll keep mine on the shelf. Thanks for the great advice, buying a new one in a hurry would probably cost a bunch !

Have any of you fabricated your own eliminator that you could post a pic of ?

cat box

Does the cat box make the R3 a lot quieter? Does it have to be retuned if already has the cat baypass pipes?