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Jul 16, 2006
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Pig9r said:
As far as trucking goes, they need to be regulated more. They carry a heavy burden simply because of the collateral damage they can do on the road. I am sure like everyone else 99.9% are law abiding, however they are extremely dangerous. I liked when Missouri had a lower speed limit for trucks over 10,000 lbs. Nothing wrong with a company tracking its employees. Don't like it, work somewhere else. The driver represents a big liability for the company.

As far a being a felony to possess a radar detector I would have to see that law and see a someone prosecuted for it to believe it. Since the invention of laser or ladar, they are pretty much ineffective anyway.

No police scanners in a vehicle is good too. In some jurisdictions tow truck drivers run to wrecks without being called and gouge drivers, in most jurisdictions it is considered a burglary tool. It also helps keep our police officer safer too. Most jurisdictions are going to trunk tracking scrambled frequencies anyway so scanners are not going to work.

The FCC wants to limit CB frequencies so they can sell them for private use.

If there was a device to stop a car electronically think about how many dangerous police pursuits could be ended. I have long thought that embedding such devices in major intersections in cities would be a great idea.

As far as tracking you, currently a warrant is needed to install such devices. When applying for such a warrant, probable cause must be shown that the person is involved in criminal activity. So if you are being tracked you deserve it. In many jurisdictions such warrants are treated with the same scrutiny as wire taps. If a rental car has one they have to let you know and you have to consent to it. There are just as easy ways to track you. Your cell phone can be used to track you and if you have a GM product with On Star, even if not activated, that can too. Both also require court orders. Both those technologies have been around for a while, have you heard of any abuses by the government regarding them?

It is funny how easily the conspiracy theories pop out as new technology develops. There is usually a greater good behind all of it and the Constitution has always preserved our rights in the end. I bet when the post office started delivering mail to everyone's homes people thought it was the government's way to track its citizens.

The French and Germans have legitimate *****es with 100 hp limits on motorcycles. I am sure some of our European brothers care share some really big brother stories.

Good reply, however, you are obviously not involved in the industry and it's a good outsider opinion.. I believe you need a different perspective. I'd like to invite you to ride with me for a week. You can spend your nights here on the farm as I'm home every day and my wife's an excellent cook. You might learn some new skills like daily accident avoidance and dealing with inattentive cagers. Besides, you can learn to double clutch a 13 speed double overdrive Roadranger and handle a tri-axle roll off trailer. As an added bonus, I'll let you buy lunch at a number of seedy truckstops I pass everyday.:D

I'd like to see it be made a mandatory requirement of getting a normal non-CDL drivers license, the applicant rides in a class 8 tractor trailer for a minimum of 100 miles in both city and highway driving. The CDL license is another fiasco..."Certified Dummy License":eek: