.040 Over
May 11, 2006
I thought you might like to see our last conversion in black. This bike's performance went from 128 bhp to 231. It's still tight at 1500 miles I'm sure it will make even more as it loosens up, but the customer was more than happy with the gains. We have also done another one this week with the std triumph pipes. I thought it would really knock the power but it still made 225 bhp and 190 lb.ft torque at the wheel. Another one in tomorrow, man it's gone supercharger crazy.
Need money

Hot dam, my second woody this year..I'd rather be blown..Like It in black. Now what can I sell? I know ,the old ladys car..She can walk to work,the weathers nice now. Hmm Bus in the winter? Crap we don't have busses..How bout some seggestions gang...Help Jack. Just noticed the chin spoiler some of you were wanting.Blowme should know where it came from..
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chin spoiler

**** had to notice that chin spoiler ! I can live without the super charger cause Id kill my freakin self trying to max the thing out, but I gotta have one of those spoilers.....there goes the wallet shrinkin' again .
Ooh... I want. How much?

Not just your first born, your house too. You can live in a tent with your R3.

Nice dry weather bike. That air intake would have to go somewhere else. That's a rain injester.

I suspect that bike would waste a 'busa no matter what mods were done to it. Probably a Gixxer too. Not for me. It's all urine Jack.....:)

My god,half of a coffee can over the filter would work..You guys have no imagination..Should not be ridden in the rain any how..No flip it still wont beat a gxr 1000 acording to there own if you were to file a point on the front of the rocket that would be a different story..But oh the torque.By the way water injection was the only way to get fully loaded B52s and KC 135s off the ground for years.. Crazy Jack Mabey I could sell the old lady..