Anti-Lock Brakes


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Sep 18, 2006
Hi, Has anyone fitted Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) to their Rocket III? If so, can you tell your experience and if you are happy? Where did you get the kit and was it hard/expensive?
I've never seen an anti lock brake kit for the Rocket... are they available??

The Rocket has the same brakes as the Daytona... is there a kit for Daytonas??

I'm not sure if I care for ABS systems. They most certainly have a learning curve. The WABCO system on my big truck is "stab and grab", but I can stop just as quickly by practicing threshold braking and the threshold braking would apply to a bike too. I've learned the art of threshold braking on a controlled course and I'm more comfortable with that versus electronics taking control of my braking capacity. Just like I like 4wd versus traction control.

Even though the current ABS systems are light years ahead of the old FMVSS 121 anti-lock brake systems of yesteryear, there are still many different parts in the system that can fail and at that point you'd better know how to threshold brake in a panic situation.
Are you saying we can fit the antilock brake system from a Peterbuilt onto the Rocket?

I'm just kidding Flip... Now that R3Cruiser brought up antilock brakes I was just kind of curious if there was an aftermarket kit out there....
I'll Try It

I've always had great luck with dependability and function of ABS brakes. I was thinking ( I know.....that's very dangerous) that with all the power and weight the R3 produces it would make it much easier to safely stop in emergency situations with an ABS system.

That's all I wanted to say on this subject.......10-4 / over and out!
It's all well and good being great at stopping when you expect it but when you don't - it's the panic grab or panic stomp that will put you into a skid and put extra distance into your stop - whereas an ABS system will stop the panic lock up and stop the skid and will stop quicker in an emergency. I would feel better having it than not having it. ABS has been around as STD options for over 50 years on aircraft wheel breaking systems and 30 years on cars so why not on bikes - Triumph is putting it on some of their bikes - why not the R3?
Toystoretom said:
Are you saying we can fit the antilock brake system from a Peterbuilt onto the Rocket?

I'm just kidding Flip... Now that R3Cruiser brought up antilock brakes I was just kind of curious if there was an aftermarket kit out there....

I ain't got no Petercar. I got a Western Star (that rhymes, how obtuse):D

I'd imagine that you could get ABS on a Rocket. With the proper amount of funds, you can to just about anything to anything or anybody.

I'm curoius too. Did a Google on motorcycle ABS and got zilch.
R3 I'm pretty sure you can get it as an option.I'd contact your dealer for info or if that doesn't go try Newman,Ga.I seem to remember an article mentioning this as a needed option or an option now that you mention it.However there is no substitute for practicing your panic stops untill you are confident in your ability to control the bike in an emergency situation.

I know that bmw has had abs on their bikes for a few years, honda gold wings also have abs and they now offer a model option frontal collision airbag. come on TRIUMPH lets keep the cutting edge sharp.
Cutting edge or dull edge....

Personally, I don't believe an air bag on a bike is something I'd want. I seem to remember a distasteful joke about air bags or dirt bags and Hardleys but I can't remember it for everyone's edification.

When do bikes go from bikes to cars. When I started riding, we had kickstarters, drum brakes points and condensers and shook like a wet puppy. Everything was chain drive and lighting was feeble and we had fun, took trips and lived to tell about it.

What I miss most is the kicker. When you had to lift your leg, bring the engine to just past TDC and stomp it and maybe it fired and maybe not, that was communing with your bike. Especially when you stalled it in an intersection.

Bikes today are wimpy. I don't want them to get more so. That's why I'll never have a Goldbling. Somehow I picture Goldbling riders as overweight baby boomers with so little mechanical ability, it's beyond them to even know how to change the oil let alone where the drain plug is at.

In summary, if Triumph decides to sharpen their "cutting edge" to Goldbling standards, they will loose me as a customer and I have more than one Triumph as of date.

I like to "meld" with my bike as I ride it, to become one. That would never happen on a Wing or a Glide or a Bimmer. I find the R3 is comfortable and capable without going to extremes just like my T100.