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Feb 15, 2007


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Good find. The Mutazu set looks like they would work with the Rocket's exhaust a little better than the second set. Are you going to give them a try?
Why would you skimp and put those ugly aftermarket cookie cutter bags on your Rocket? Corbin Beetlebags, Yes they cost, but look at them. No other bags come close in the looks department. Also they're BIG, lots of room. Nobody needs to tell you, it’s your Rocket, do what you want, but NO OTHER BAG fits the look and line of the Rocket like Corbins’ Bettlebags! (no I don't work for Corbin, I just like the bags!)
How quick do you want to release chromehead? And the looks department can be altered. I can take mine off in under a minute, and that is taking my time. Now Leatherlyke might not look all that great but they are very practical and durable and removable with nice looking attaching points. I've had good comments on the looks too.
I went to a bike night last night — was one of three black Rocket IIIs, if you can imagine. Someone there had ghost brackets and leather bags, not sure what make. I'm still not there. Wouldn't mind taking an upclose look at the Rocket III with black beetle bags. Anybody in Jersey have a set -- want to meet up?
I'm looking for a set of bags that look good on the Rocket and quickly release without a trace. Stumbled across these on another forum and I have to admit, I'm intrigued. Has anyone heard of these wannaBe-etle Bags? The price is right — combined with a set of EZ/Ghost brackets, the total would be around $300. Saddlebags&product_id=12&s=prod.php

Has anyone tried the mutazu or tsukayu hard bags?

If so, can you shed any light on quality and/or fit?

several different models looked good on that site... plus you can drill the mounts as you see fit, use the easy brackets and they might stick out a bit but quick on and off...

im interested, now if I knew that silver listed was the same as my graphite Rocket...