50% off

Wow, guess I didn't realize there was that much of a markup on accessories.
I didn't see the "Fat Bald Man's Jacket" in there... it must have sold out.

Are they getting out of the Triumph business??
I got an invoice with advertized 50% prices. They charged sales tax. I'm assuming they're located somewhere in my State.

I'd like to post if they don't honor the invoice??
They have sale prices now but not 50% off. That must have been a mistake....

I hope you get your stuff at 50% off....:mad::eek::D
From Triumphrat.net

Many of you have taken advantage of our 50% off sale and WOW! things did move quickly. We COMPLETELY SOLD OUT of all of the items we had in stock.

Because we got such a HUGE rush of orders and interest from the general public, we are going to extend to all of you a discount of 20% on all items on our website thru Monday 2/5/07 at 4pm. Please allow (2) weeks time for delivery as we have to order these items as orders are placed.

If you placed an order when we had everything marked down 50% we will honor that price and will ship you your item(s), GUARANTEED!

We certainly did not expect such a HUGE turnout and thank you for your business.

They have been a sponser there for a while and I have ordered from them in the past. They seem like a good outfit.
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