Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Over the past few years, my Staintune exhaust had a pleasant, yet less than fierce rumble. Matter of fact it was more like very loud snoring. I didn't mind. It's a quality system and added some HP and TORQUE to the equation so......what the heck.

Then I heard Tomo and Pig9r's Mad Dogs. Great low, deep rumbling but they both mentioned that on long trips the sound got to be a bit much.

I think I've now got the best of both worlds. Staintune's have about a 4 inch baffle placed near the end of each pipe. It's held on with a single screw and can be accessed by a hole placed on the inside of each pipe.

When Angus was in for "Bling" additions I had the mechanics take out the baffles. Wow! Took it from 93 db to 98 db. A lot better low end with touches of throaty thrown in. (This sounds more like a wine tasting)

I also noticed at idle that it reminds me of the days I had a race cam in my car. You know.....that stumbling sound that ever so gently upsets the smooth and even purr of the engine. Almost like the crank had hicups. Maybe it's me but it sounds meaner!

The highway showed me a more penetrating sound but quite easy to get used to on long rides. If it gets to be too much, I can always put the baffles right back. I think it's going to work and since I can't afford another exhaust system......it'll have to.
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So, with some slight alterations, you seem to be pleased with the different tones your Rocket might produce. That's great. Someday I'm gonna find time to install the TOR's on the Rocket. They have been sitting in the basement for better than 4 weeks. I too am looking for that sound which "more closely" matches the appearance of the bike.

Spring has been terrible, thus far, for riding. If it's not droppng temps, it's raising winds (**** blustery) or inclimate weather. Looking forward to spring settling down so we can get on a regular riding schedule.

See ya.