1. R3Tex

    A rolling RAA Plan

    Ok, so the idea has been brought up several times at various events and in various discussions about a rolling RAA that would potentially cover more than one area of North America so I thought I would throw this out there and see what everybody thinks. I had planned to ride the Hoka Hey...
  2. R3Tex

    Pre-RAA X Rat Raid...Raid

    For those of you planning to crash the Rat Raid AND participate in a camp ground takeover we should start kicking around camp ground options or we can camp at The Hub for $10 / night per person which includes a shower. So...The Hub or are we going to convene at an alternate location to prepare...
  3. nolton

    2015 RAA 10 Details and headcount

    For those attending just the RAA 10 event the dates are April 26-May 3 For those that want to crash the RAT event and attend RAA 10 April 23-May 3 For April 23-25 you will have to find another hotel in Harrison, Ar Make reservations at The Hub at Marble Falls, AR # (870) 743-4062...
  4. nolton

    RAA 10 marble Falls, Arkansas 2015

    Which month and weekend ? This is where we are staying. http://www.hubinfo.com
  5. nolton

    REVOTE: RAA X (10)

    You people are killing me. This is my last RAA X location poll. If no one likes the options or vote results, create your own.
  6. Tripps

    Poll: RAA X Threads

    Pick your favorite RAA thread.
  7. nolton

    ANOTHER option for RAA X

    The Hub in Harrison, Arkansas. Great roads and many other things to do. Canoeing, hiking, spelunking, etc. The host is great and there are plenty of beautiful roads to ride. Those with 10 mph turns.
  8. Tripps

    RAA XI

    Not to confuse the situation.......
  9. nolton

    RAA 10 other route option

    For 1olbull and his pretty hair !!
  10. Steel

    RAA X (10)

    Just to be fair.
  11. nolton

    RAA X (10)

    Vote on your opinion or voice your preference.

    Some observations from RAA IX

    Well we are home now, Adriana and I had a great time! We met an old friend again and made some new ones as well :) As I have had some time to reflect on the weeks activities here are a few things that come to mind. I will never again judge a person by what they say online and wait to meet them...

    RAA Safety...

    Post your handle, when your leaving, from where, when you plan on being there. This way we can check to make sure all arrived safe and sound. You can give loved ones or your ICE person my number to check in if they have not heard from you. 630 913 8200 Rockethead, 21, Lockport IL, 21
  14. albertaduke

    For Sale RAA in montrose

    if anybody going there need some parts I have a bear claw (R3R) a tank bra (R3r) some front turn signals I will take all that to montrose if some captain need the stuff.
  15. nolton

    [Aug 1, 2015] RAA X (Rockets Across America)

    Anyone have a suggestion for this ? Maybe a rolling event across some states? It wasn't supposed to show a date. The date and location will be voted on. Someone remove it please.
  16. Rolltide100

    RAA IX patch orders

    With June rapidly approaching and RAA IX we have finalized details on this events patch. Instead of a 3" we were advised to step up to a 3 1/2" to make for a much better presentation. Attached is an image for this events patch, nice to have on other apparel, for your little people, loved ones...

    Practicing for RAA Co.

    As long as you all keep 1 or 2 seconds behind me we should be ok...:cool:
  18. Rolltide100

    RAA lX shirt draft

    Ok, boys and girls this is the rough design of the RAA lX shirt. Keep in mind this is the rough draft and when I get back from Texas in about 10 days I should have the final images. The banner across the top is to be red white and blue to honor our flag, inside the banner Rockets Across America...
  19. Ogremeister

    RAA 9--"GETTIN HIGH" PRE-RIDE June 22, 23 2014

    This post has been edited (and will be again-if needed) to provide the latest updated information for this ride. Rendezvous west of Colorado Springs for the night of Saturday June 21st @ this motel: Saturday night stay-June 21, 2014...
  20. mexican

    Anybody from Australia wanting to come to RAA Colorado?

    If so we can help with acomodations for the entire stay and a bike to ride:)
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