1. ozrider

    Daymaker Type Headlights (Chinese Copies)

    After a bit of web searching I managed to get a pair of early Chinese copy Daymaker headlights landed to my door for $300.00 AUD with freight thanks to AliExpress. All fitted up ok into the standard headlight bucket after I fetteled the thin ring inside a little bit. Pretty happy with them and...
  2. Robm422

    Do 5 3/4" Daymakers fit into stock buckets?

    Just wondering if they will fit w/o modification or not?
  3. forklift

    For Sale 2014 Rocket Roadster

    I'm selling my 2014 Roadster. Still has about 10 moths left on warranty. Only 2206 mi. as of today. I have invested lots of money on Fly screen, back rest/luggage rack, Carpenter new style exhuast, Kerker 2 1/2" comp baffle, PCV, Auto tune, Ramair filter system, J W Speaker Daymaker headlights...
  4. cadconversions

    HD Daymakers - Chrome or Black??

    Okay, I can't be the only one that's went through this... Do I purchase the Chrome Daymakers to fit inside of my chrome buckets that will be surrounded with a Black Corbin fairing soon or do I go with Black Haymakers inside of my Chrome buckets surrounded with a Corbin fairing?? LOL - worse...
  5. forklift


    I just received my new headlights today and had them installed in about an hour. I think there are very few accessories that make the Rocket Roadster look more menacing then the Daymakers.
  6. 1olbull

    LED Headlights - Daymaker - 5.75" on Rocket Roadster

    These are the results of light meter testing regarding the Daymaker headlights (two 5.75") on a Rocket Roadster. The testing was done pursuant to accepted protocol. Note: Testing is done using low beam settings. The horizontal zero is located at the left side of the vehicle, therefor the...
  7. Spartacus

    Which DayMaker?

    I installed (2) 5-3/4" DayMaker headlights on my 07 Classic with Eastern Beaver kit and think they were the best mod that I've done to this bike. I have just purchased a nice 2001 T-Bird 900 to my stable and want to swap the stock headlight for a 7" DayMaker (chrome)or equivalent to increase...