wooden spoiler I made

cane corso

Apr 4, 2006
Canada, Toronto
05 Triumph rocket 111
I made this spoiler out of wood and carved vents on each side and carved out the lights and blended it in to the spoiler and got a sray can and painted it black just to see what it looks like. know I just need to get some one to fiberglass it for me and decide to paint it black or orange with maybe a little black tribal comming down the center. Or I was thinking of having some one copy it out of metal and having it chromed.
I think it looks great! Was drawing one today and my how close. Looks like it will take at least $150 to get started with fiberglass. ;)
wooden spoiler

You guys are funny. I'll try to get it fiberglassed befor I get any termites:) I rather pay $150 to get it fiberglassed then pay $650 just to have some one make me one up and I'm sure if I had some one do all those vent it would most likely cost more those vent are right through so I would think that would help cool down the engine. It seems faster :)
wooden spoiler

You guys are funny do you know what kide of beer I was drinking:) I'm makeing another one with a couple of changes before I get it fiberglassed it might be a excuse to have more beers:) I'm going to make this one a little shorter as you can see this one sweep about a 1 1/2 in front of the tire it looks cool when you see the bike but I notice from a picture it look I think to much of a sweep and looks to close. So I'm going to make another one about 1 1/2 smaller and and sweep it up in front under the radiator so I don't need a cut out for the holes and I might change the design of the lights. You never know what changes after a couple of beers:)