Top Fuel
Mar 8, 2006
Carthage N.C. U.S.A.
My co-worker and good friend, Bob Nines, was in a crash 2 days ago on his 07 V-Rod. A dumb ass in a truck pulled out right in front of him. Bob's head went through the side window of the truck, before he fell back to the pavement. He has 2 badly broken wrists, a fractured shoulder, and a broken ankle, to go along with multiple cuts and bruises.
He is undergoing surgery on his wrists today and might go home tomorrow. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers and be careful yourselves!!

Speaking of crash victims, how is Baggage 1 doing?
Wilbur, we're glad he is still with us, it a shame that drivers aren't more courteous of those of us who ride. I see it often even when I'm in my car on the way to work, people so caught up in the moment, racing to get where they are going they are willing to jeapordize their and my life for a spot closer to the redlight. I believe that most folks see the motorcycles and they just pull out anyway because it is just a motorcycle, it won't do much damage if it hits me. Pass along our thoughts and prayers to your friend, heres hoping he make a full recovery.
Please tell Bob that all of us Rocket Captains are thinking of him and wish him well along with a speedy recovery. We all like to race V Rods but no one here ever wants to see things like this happen, and we should all become family when it does.