If you want a better alternative to the 'floating' license plate have a look at the Evotec tail tidy. A bit pricey but precision engineered and tough as old boots.


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Just had a horrible experience with Corbin. They sent me a defective under tail kit. The mounting holes didn't line up and the turn signals pointed up at about 30 degrees. Had to pay $105.00 to ship it back, They refused to acknowledge that the part was wrong. Made every excuse in the book blaming me instead of looking at the pictures I sent them. They finally refunded my money but I'm out the $105.00 for return shipping. Always thought they were a reputable company. Not anymore. I really liked the design but they sent me some effed up prototype and tried to pass it off as new. It was clearly a test part. Buyer beware is all I can say. It's too bad that they didn't offer to replace it after inspecting it. No word at all from them. Just a refund appeared on my credit card. Thanks a lot Christopher!!!
It looks ugly!
It doesn't look ugly to me just not what I would want but certainly not ugly. To each his own and my tastes might be a tad askew than others on here. Personalizing your Rocket to make it different functionally or vanity is your business so don't listen to anyone one on here "except me" :D