Two down three to go!


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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
Hey guys, sitting in Dubai at the Dubai Grand Hotel waiting for my bus to take me to the airport in a little under 2 hours.
The flights from Bagram to Kandahar and Kandahar to Dubai went off without a hitch.
Next stop Amsterdam for E I G H T hours, sorry guys, probably no souvenirs, though I may pick up a t-shirt, but I'm sure I will enjoy the "scenery" at the airport.
Probably won't hit the site again till tomorrow night after I get home.
This time tomorrow I'll be about to leave Memphis to fly the last leg of 5 flights to get to Pensacola.
Now I just have to get a ride into town on Wednesday to pick up the "beast".
Zero day!!!
When ya get home, start planning that trip to Smashville to meet us all, and so we get to meet you.

Be safe!
Hey no longer timer, take it easy in Amsterdam but bring some good storefront pictures. I know you are good to go. Saw your ride a few days ago and it looks very sharp with those add-ons you ordered and Dink installed. Travis has been right on it too(not literally) that has been my job.:D You give a ring when ready fella, I'll be waitin. ;)
I'm, baaaaack!

Just got in around 9:55 pm at home. The Gold Wing started right up, so the float charger did it's job, parked out front now.
Now all I've got to do is put some air in the Wing tires so that it will be safe to go.
The flights went off fine, hardly any turbulence to speak of.
It's great to be back!
Glad you made it home safe, now go ride, wait your married, right? Hug the wife and tell her not to wait up and then go ride. :) Priorities man, priorities.:)
Glad You Are Home

Now that you're back for the second time..........let's stop going over there. You've had way too much fun playing in the "BIG SAND BOX". Let those youngsters get their turn and you do something like putting on a blue vest at WM and start learning to say hello!

Just kidding about the blue vest. Did the R3 start up as well?