.020 Over
Sep 12, 2005
OK I have my new exhaust installed and the tuneboy. I was wondering what wodul be the best tune. I don't want much to any popping. I do want some nice power and open the first 3 gears so eliminate the retard. LOL

05 Rocket with RAASk 3 into 2 no cat still have the o2 sensor and KN filter under seat.
Check this out: L1-L3 tables: Adjust yellow by 10% and pink by 15%. There's a function key that allows for % increase values (F8). Do this for all three tables. If this doesn't completely rid the beast of the decel pop then add another 5%; this recommended by the original poster(s) of this information. Just for grins, Press "G" (when you have TuneEdit up and runnning ). Now go to the Sec (secondaryies) table and increase all to 100%, or work up to it if your skeeird. Us Shift Up or Down to change by tens. :D Then goto Edit > TuneConstants : Uncheck O2 sensor fitted; adjust Wheel Speed Constant to 3249 (107%) to rid yourself of the spedo error; and adjust Speed limit to 255. You can acquire any tune you're steered towards then make the above adjustments to those tunes. SAVE then Upload.
I failed to mention: Goto Edit > Edit Notes, to see what has been already noted as adjustments. When You dink with a base tune (or any tune) and save it off be sure to add a few notes. Speaking of Save ing data adjustments, be sure to save each mod. for each table before progressing on to the next table.

When selecting G to display a Graph of the table, a graph representation is also selectable using the View > Show 3D Graph , you can get an expanded view of the same graph with Shift G. And use Shift R for a different perspective of the same graph.