Totalled and walked away!


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Mar 7, 2006
Sydney, Australia
Well I'm not sure if I am lucky or cursed! Lucky that my family and I walked away from a three car write off today. (well two cars and the SUV was left standing) Anyway, I am feeling a bit sore and sorry, my neck and back are bruised and the kids didn't even cry until they were out of the car. Cursed that I only laid the Rocket down a few weeks ago!

This 17 yo kid pulled out of a side street and I swerved to stay away from him but the car coming the other way also swerved into me. The kid in the SUV hit the oncoming car forcing him right into me. We then ended up into a ditch but didn't roll.

Thank god I was in my wifes Subaru and not on the bike or I would've been pushing daisies. This car has a five star safety rating and it proved itself today. All this and only half a mile from my front door. The guy in the oncoming car was a bit of a wreck though. The kid claimed his shoe-lace got caught in the clutch and he panicked!! I can't help but think how lucky I was that the kids weren't hurt and the car that hit us... Not the SUV... was a small hatch.
(As psted elsewhere... Just letting you know i **** myself and am looking for sympathy ;))
Yikes!!! I'm glad your OK. Cars today are a lot safer than even just a few years ago. There are all sorts of crumple zones, hood hooks, door beams,steering columns, soft dashes, break away mirrors, knee bolsters, active headrests, pyrotechnic seat belts,safety glass, safety latches, and on and on and on...

I have a 55 Buick that has none of this... the steering coulmn isn't even breakaway and the steering wheel isn't dished. In a head on that alone would kill you... but it probably is safer than a motorcycle cause it weighs two tons :D

If there is a silver lining to all of this, it may be that you can go shop for a new car now... that's always fun... (Well, that and the fact that your family is OK... I'm a bit of a moron, aren't I :eek: ) You know what I mean... If you need a good laywer... I don't know one...
SteveRed,so sorry it happened and relieved that you and yours are OK.Totaled a few in my day.None with anybody with thankfully.Cheer up,all's good,so start shopin!:)
Thank Goodness

Steve..... Let me add my sincere joy in the fact you and your family were not seriously hurt. I've heard of Subaru's safety rating and it looks like you're living testiment to it's soundness. Were you all wearing seat belts and did all the air bags deploy?

I've got some of the same soreness you probably have ......but mines just plain old age! Once again, take care and keep us posted on how you all recover.