The Grips Aren't Anymore


Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
I noticed on the ride to Nashville that the grips, especially the throttle side, were getting a bit slippery. I didn't want the Britman tan line above my wrists so I rode without gloves and got the "Neopolitan Tan" which has the back of my hand really tanned.....first joint (rings) a mild tan and the rest of each digit is left a pure white from hiding under the grip while riding. That's another story so back to the issue at hand.

I tried spraying the tacky stuff you put on golf clubs and baseball bats but it seems to come off on your hand ( no matter how long you let it set before using). After an hour or so it's all worn off and I'm back to having trouble holding the throttle open with slippery grips. **** perspiration.

Is there any material (preferably thin) that you could cover the grips to allow for better adhesion? I'm sure there's some sort of adhesive for that.

What say you?
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All joking aside, Pigger has the right answer. Wash them inside with hot soapy water, rinse with hot water and dry them out and they will get grippy again. I tend to use my wife's blow dryer on low heat to dry them inside. That way you don't leave towel fuzz in there.:)

I've never had a problem with bike grips, but, the grips on a sled get loose every year and need to be cleaned and put back on. You grip them real tight because you throw the sled around and body steer it so they get loose after a while.
Shoot, I couldn't stand the small size of the stock grips... so I went with some Kuryakyn flame grips (match my paint) which are larger diameter and easier to grip for me.
I'm Too Lazy To Wash Them

Okay, the title probably will leave Flip, BusaJack and maybe even Jamie with an opening you could drive one of Flip's bales of hay through! (Don't ya hate ending in a preposition?)

I went the lazy route and bought a pair of grips at the link below. The size is large and it was only $8.20 and free shipping. They're the best thing since sliced bread. The added size makes it easier and more comfortable to hold on to and just a touch of soapy water let them slide right on. They were a bit long but trimmed easily. Enough air seems to get through the material and your hands don't perspire. ( Remember horses sweat and women glow)

Just thought I'd give an update. I'll save the soap and water for my semi annual dip in the rain barrel. ;)