.020 Over
Aug 27, 2007
Central SC
Has anyone tried the Thunderbike T-Bars for the RIII. Man, Ilove the look but am curious about handling and cable tension lock to lock. Someone just tell me they are all that and a bag of chips and I'll be there.
Not Me

I was headed in that direction, but decided to try RivCo risers 1st. (Then was gonna try the risers with standard R3 bars-I have Classic). I'm happy w/this arrangement, risers only, and so is my pocketbook for now. If you do some searching on the site there are several threads re: this issue...or maybe its on the RatNet site.

good luck-happy rocketing...

Not my cup-o-tea. The cables sure look out of place (stretched). I've not gone with the Rivco Risers but I give 'em a thought once in while; then I sit up straight and proper and realize I don't need them. It is better for the back, over the long run and for longevity.

The 32 inch width is a fair bit shorter than stock and Classic bars aren't they? But I'm sure you can muscle the Rocket around the corners.