Sidelined for a while


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Mar 8, 2006
Carthage N.C. U.S.A.
Guess I'll be off the ol' Rocket for a while. Having surgery this thursday, the 27th, on my right elbow and shoulder. Be out of work at least three weeks. Plan to be back on the bike before that, though!;)
Hey Willie Burly, what's this surgery thing all about? Unlike some Brit and Aussie riders, you've NOT reported nor hushed any nasty fall off your mount, have you?

Arthritis or athrosis, I would suspect, given your discreet tone, from a relatively benign experience with the former, is that it?

In any case, you may consider PM'ing me your wherabouts. All the late forties (as in nineteen hundred) vintage wishes my friend;) . Jamie
Take Care

W-T...... All the best. I'm sure between Hondax and me we can keep the RED R3's out amongst them until your return. I've been told by the Genie that all will go well for your safe and speedy recovery. He also likes RED.Link Removed

Link Removed
Oops, The surgery center just called, surgery is tomorrow, not thursday!:eek: Thought I had one more day to ride!

Nothing serious, a nerve being pinched in my elbow making my hand go numb, and some surgery on the right shoulder to clear up some rotator cuff problems that have been going on for some time.

25 years of swinging impact wrenches, I guess.
[How's you shoulders, Tomo?]

Thanks for the good wishes, you guys are the greatest!:bch:
Your going to let a little surgery keep you off of your bike??? Come on man, that is a minor flesh wound!

Heal quickly bud! :bch:
Wilbur.... I hope all goes smoothly. You never want to take these things for granted.

And... my body is a wreck, but that's what whiskey is for :bch:

The best of luck and tell them you want a nurse that didn't play linebacker for the Bears.