Sequel to: Great Weekend in NC.

Sidecar Flip

Living Legend
Jul 16, 2006
20150 Mc Carty Rd. Deerfield, Michigan 49238
I'll take the moisture even in the form of ice. My weekend consisted of much sliding everywhere. The temperature is hovering around 30 degrees and it rains, freezes, rains freezes, a continuous cycle. The schools are closed for a second day here. The main roads are all just wet (salted) but all the secondary roads look like a nice paint job, highly glossy. You have to be extremely careful or you'll fall on your Kester Latimus......:D

I keep hearing and reading about the continuing drought in the south. I see Lake Laneer has less than 180 days of water left and 90 of those days are the 'dead pool'. We may live in the 'rust belt', but we have the fresh water. I'll take the water anyday.

Is it global warming or just chance that the moisture bypasses the southeastern states?