Rockets Across America II - 2007

raymond braswell

Jul 24, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri
Any of you who have read the thread I posted called Sequel, it was an attempt to rally some Rocketeers to ride to some location this summer for a Rockets Across America II reunion, as we did last fall. That effort was like herding cats. So I did a little research and here is what I determined: There are 22 of us that are regulars on this site (.60 and over). There are five clusters: Texas-Missouri-Michigan-NC&Virgina-Florida, then we have individuals in Alabama, Maryland, Oklahoma and Wyoming. I did not research outside the USA. Now just because you post alot does not mean you are anymore apt to go on a long distance ride, nor that someone that rarely posts would not. However, this is the method I used. If you look on a map an obvious central destination to the five clusters (sorry Wyoming guys, I'll see you in Sturgis.) is Nashville, Tennesee.

FROM: KC - 554 miles
Detroit - 534 miles
Dallas - 664 miles
Pensacola - 420 miles
Tallaqua - 555 miles
Durham - 516 miles

The Weekend of July 6th is three weeks after the Raid in Austin and four weeks before Sturgis. So I am going to plan on that ride, leave KC on Friday morning and ride to Nashville. Stay over until Sunday and ride back. Would be great if anyone can meet me for an annual Rockets Across America II reunion (would be great to see ya Vonbonds).
Ok, that's the best at organizing I can do, so chime in and let me know who's in, I need a wingman.

It would be a good run to work on the iron butt. I will try to make it. If you are planning on hitting RT40 I could meet you east of little rock some were.
I'll have to check the social calendar.

All things considered, I'd love to make a weekend of it. I haven't been to Nashville in some time now. I'll jump on the I-40 and head west.

Ok that's one from Durham, North Carolina, one from Kansas City, Missouri and one from Houston, Texas (League City)....that constitutes some Rockets across America (well at least half of America). Paul, the best place for us to hook up will be West Memphis, and then ride together on 40 to Nashville.
Nashville sounds great to me! I-40 is just down the road from me, so i can most likely meet up with other captains in West Memphis or even earlier if some are traveling thru Oklahoma. Bigern
Bad news folks, I found out that I have to go to Maryland that weekend so I have to back out... gotta do the family-thing.:mad: