Rear brake gone.

Get a real strong flashlight/torch and look follow how the rear brake line runs from the master cylinder. It doesn't go anywhere near the exhaust. If any spot is getting hot there is a section in front of the engine. Yes, it runs forward all the way to the front of the engine, then goes from braided to solid line up and under the tank to the abs modulator. All the air collects there, no where else for it to go. Until you vacuum it out. Just regular bleeding gets some of it, but the modulator has to be pulsed while bleeding to get that air trapped in it. Just riding and braking hard doesn't remove it or let it get back to the master cylinder. It just releases some fluid to lower the pressure. The air is still there. When mine was done by the new procedure the whole bike was shuddering and puking out big shots of air. If that solid piece of brake line is getting hot it must be from the engine block after the braided section goes across the front.
Is the new procedure publicly documented anywhere?

I'm about to have the dealer bleed it again. But at some point I'm going to have to start doing this myself.
Speaking of getting hot. Does anyone else have the seat get really hot? Not so hot you can't sit on it but abnormally hot even on a 70 degree day. Doesn't seem right to me. Hot buns on a cold day is fine. Not so much when it's 95 outside.:mad:
Not really that I've noticed. I was thinking that would be a better place for the abs modulator. A bit more fuel capacity to enlarge the tank and moved off the top of the hot engine. Use the space where the little cubby is. If the ecu would communicate through a longer LAN cable it might work. The way it is there must be eight feet of rear brake line with the abs modulator the hottest highest point. rant over... 🤬
What an improvement
They fixed it to where the back tire won't slide when u hit the rear breaks
That "trick" has been given on many a motorcycle forum and I have tried it. Rock hard (cat can't scratch it) the next day, but it'll soon revert to the previous problem, in my experience (and many others). Let us know if yours remains Viagra hard...
Again, I never had the issue myself. Just trying to pass on a possibility in case it was useful. Mine has never has a problem staying rock hard.