I wonder if u have to do the valves every 10.000? Apparently the're made in South Dakota..Fabulous throttle response. There only 2800 cc.s Lets go ride one at sturgis..Jack
On the cover of the latest Cycle World is Jesse James' rendition of a radial chopper. The engine sits across the frame instead of inline. They say the engines leak oil pretty bad.
This previous vs the latter picture with the perpendicular aligned engine shows the push rod tubes more clearly. They look very similar to those on VWs. There's a technique for expanding (lenghtening) the tubes prior to torquing the heads, to avoid oil leaks. I'm going to assume that's the source for the rotary marking it's spot(s).

Little Tomoca Yatch Club (just NW of Daytona), '96, several guys come in making an issue about a saki burner in the parking lot leaking oil all over the place. I step out to check on my VS1400. My Intruder had several large piles of rice under it:D
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