Progressive 440 settings


Living Legend
Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
I installed some new Progressive 440's this afternoon. I started at the absolute softest setting and then cranked until I saw one indicator ring on each side. Seemed to be alright but just curious what others have found to be the best setting or what setting would be recommended. I weigh around 200 lbs and have the standard rate springs. I do have a passenger once in a great while.

Might mention that I put a 12" set on. Bike doesn't look lower however it feels lower when I am sitting on it. Handling not affected maybe a little better in the curves? And everyone was right they do make a difference.

I think on a cruiser more so than a sport bike the settings that work for one might not be what another is looking for as some are more of a flower sniffing rider while others might be into a little more of a brisk pace and better handling.

I myself vary in the setup. When I want to get after it and I know I will be doing so all afternoon I have mine set at 4 rings down. When I just want to tour and be comfortable I keep mine at 3 rings. I weight about 235 now.

Fiddlie with the different settings and see what you like. You might want to see what the hardest setting you can handle is and then work down from there until you find the right compromise of handling vs. comfort.
I am sitting at one ring, because when I can't see a ring I begin to wonder if they aren't even side to side, and I wake up at night in a cold sweat. And then I remember I didn't turn on the AC and the dog starts to growl at me. My own dog. I get no respect.....
Loaded up for touring or with pillion, I set mine on the second ring and it makes a hell of a difference! Otherwise on the first ring for just fanging around without luggage or pillion. If I have a lardarse on the back with me (No not you dear :D) and luggage I will set on the third ring!