POD AIR FILTERS from Tuneboy the same as K&N?


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Jun 16, 2006
K&N Power air filters are easier to buy as the filters from tuneboy.
And they are cheaper.
Are they the same? There is no picture on the homepage of tuneboy.
No they are not the same they are Uniflows, oiled foam filters with a spring insert. They fit over each throttle body so the intake plenum needs to be removed. They get pretty squished crammed underneath the bearclaw cover. They started out pretty popular but one Rocket rider had them catch on fire, when his bike backfired out the intake, so the momentum was lost. You might find some guys around here willing to sell a set.

These links might be helpful also.


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Why do you think that K&N could not catch on fire? I think the chance that you`ll get this problem is the same, never mind what kind of open airfilter you have.

How could it be that a airfilter burns? The engine has a pop-up and eject petrol utside of the airfilter. And if you have bad luck, this petrol burns. If you have a airfilter-box (like original) a fire would be immediately suck into the engine in a fraction of a second. You know what I mean?

A few years ago I have had a glowing airfilter on my Harley Davidson
It was .... a K&N Filter :). But I had luck. It only glows and smells and not real burns.
The K&Ns have a wire mesh on each side to help. The engine sucking could also fuel the fire by giving it more air.

This video shows they do burn but it is somewhat slow.

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And the result of them catching on fire.
I make a test today: Put Filter-Oil from K&N on a cotton cloth (K&N filters are make from cotton) and take a light on it. It burns. I don`t want say that this is a evidence that the chance that a K&N filter burns is the same that from uniflow. But I also can`t except that and it was remarkable coincidence that the uniflow filter of this motorbike on the picture burns.

But probably I`ll buy K&N, because I think it is better to pay a few money more than the bike burns.
I used the 62-1560 and it fit just fine. There is plenty of room inside for the air-temp sensor and it seems to fit snug at the flange.
Hope I understand you right.
I think I have to use this filter for the case vent? Put up the skin witch goes into the original airfilterbox and put the K&N Filter dirket on the little pipe? This pipe has a diamenter of 13 mm.

In germany I cannot buy the 62-1560 but the 62-2480.
The 62-1560 is used to cover the air temp sensor which is mounted in the air intake plenum. When the plenum gets removed when you fit the triple K&N's the sensor needs to be mounted by the throttle bodies and needs to be protected from dust, dirt and moisture.

Perhaps German models are set up differently to meet different air pollution regulations? Does this relate to the charcoal canister on California models?