Picked up the tribal today


Standard Bore
Jul 13, 2007
New Orleans, La
Well, they finally got the bike in and fitted all of the things on. I ordered the tourer in Tribal. It looks great. Better than I thought. I rode it home with a grin from ear to ear!!! I had them leave the saddle bags boxed up and the sissy bar is on back order. I believe that they gave me the wrong windshield. I think it is the summer one and not the roadster. It is just too short. The top of it is below the rearview mirrors. Anyway, if someone can tell me how to post a couple of pics, I will. Thanks, ya'll.:D:D:D
Warm welcome dsteber.

The more you ride it --and riding it will pep you UP for good-- , the less worried or... er... perfectionist you're gonna be about screen height accuracy, sissy bar backorder availabily and other trivial details.

Just GO, Man, GO! :bch: