Sidecar Flip

Living Legend
Jul 16, 2006
20150 Mc Carty Rd. Deerfield, Michigan 49238
It's not the R3, it's the Bonneville:

I rode the outfit to school yesterday and on the way home on I-75 North, the outfit was pulling to the right. I thought I was getting a flat (I fear those) on the sidecar but I was between exits so I got off at the next exit and looked the outfit over. Tires were fine but the disc on the sidecar was certainly hot.

For some reason the pads were dragging on the rotor and it's straw colored. I let it cool off and it seemes fine now other than the pads are glazed so I'll have to replace them. There don't seem to be any indication that the rotor is warped as I feel no pulsation in the brake pedal.

I have DOT4 synthetic fluid in the master cylinder but I'm going to replace the fluid, sucking out the old with the MightyVac and then sucking in new. I can't figure out why it hung. It's a Performance Machine 4 piston racing caliper with a stainless disc. I'm wondering if maybe I should remove the disc from the wheel and lighty pass the disc on the surface grinder or just leave it alone. Opinions welcome.

I don't ride this bike very often, maybe a couple times a year. I'll have to have a hard look at the caliper, something is fishy, actually I had a fish fry.:D
I had a caliper stick on a work van that didn't get driven very often, in fact the van had less than 5000 miles on it. It would pull to that side and was especially noticable under braking. You should probably at least have the rotor turned.