Out ran a Police Gold Wing...


Living Legend
Mar 8, 2006
La Vernia, TX
On my way to work this morning, I took the boring, straight highway route. About three cars behind me there was a Gold Wing with it's freaking high beams on, tail gating a car.
When we reached a stop light, I was the first vehicle at the light and the Gold Wing whipped into the right lane behind the truck beside me. I wasn't out to race or anything.. and took off when the light turned green as normal... coasting along waiting for the next light to change as well. When it changed, the Gold Wing whipped out from behind the truck and was charging hard... I saw the front end lifting in my mirror..

Well.. I'm on a Rocket already rolling at 30 or so MPH. What am I to do? I opened her up full throttle, rear tire spinning a bit and I was out of there. Watching the Gold Wing in my mirror.. charging hard enough I could tell when he was shifting by the front end lifting, but I just kept pulling away until we caught up with traffic. Then he catches up and pulls up beside me.. Apparently making sure I saw "Police" on his bike.. I just shrugged my shoulders and rode on in to work.. :)

Was pretty cool watching him wring out that Gold Wing (pretty fast in their own right) out trying to keep up.. :)


You have had the good fortune to meet the only non anal retentive LEO in the USA. None of them would have passed up the opportunity to give you an invitation to the next policemans ball accept that one. He must have liked the way the fatbottom girl looked and performed... U R A very lucky man...I would however not count on that happening again in your life time...:)SB.
Back in my much younger days, I waxed a cop on a Hardley with my '68 Bonneville. Cost me a 6 month suspension.....I rode anyway. It was summer. I still remember he told me it was a nice bike but I was getting a ticket anyway.

You can't outrun a Motorola.

Times have changed, radio's haven't.
Actually, it has happened once before.. in my way younger days with my 340 Duster. That time I knew it was a cop and had to double take to make sure he meant what I thought..

I think this recent guy was really just trying to get a look at the Rocket.. didn't get to hear from him though.

I knew I wasn't going to outrun him for far, traffic slows down considerably about two miles from where we took off, but at that point I didn't know he was a cop either.

My bike sticks out like a sore thumb, so I'm pretty sure he'll know me when/if he sees me again... Guess I'll have to paint it black again.. lol
Oh.. yes, officer.. :) I do good most of the time. I'm getting over 10K miles out of each rear tire, so there has to be something said for that.. :)
I told you guys the Gold Wing is no slouch, it will haul...but it isn't a Rocket, but it will beat you in comfort while trying to keep up with you...still kind of miss mine, but them's the breaks.