Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
I have done a little housecleaning and moved about 4 threads from here to the Final Drive forum. Its no big deal... I just want to keep the BearClaw forum a general topic forum that is about Rocket IIIs and the off topic stuff can go into the Final Drive.

It just makes things more organized and easier to find, and new members can navigate more easily if we "aren't all over the place".

Also it would be nice if we could not "steal" threads but keep to the original subject. I know sometimes things mutate and I am guilty of it myself, but if we can keep to the subject at hand threads might go longer. Most of our really long threads are true to the subject manner.

You guys have been great. In my opinion the easiest bunch there ever has been to work for! Thank You!!

Leather belt or wooden paddle??


It's always good after spanking a recalcitrant child to reward that child with something sweet......

I e-mailed Shawn. same, same. I believe something will have to be corrected manually. I waited a few weeks in hopes that it would be better. It wasn't.
I just wonder if you go & put on your black & white "vertically" striped shirt when you post comments such as this. Surely that would make you feel as though you can smile about the words typed.

I believe we are all greatful for those of you who dedicate your time to manage this site & keep us all on the straight & narrow. Without you dedicated few, were would be go to find the laughs, pointers & insight to get us through our lives "outside the web"?

Thanks, & see ya.
I don't know what to tell you Flip... I've mentioned it to him and that's as far as I can go. Keep trying... he'll get back to you. Also try Mick.

I mean it... you guys have been great. I'm not talking to little kids here :D.

Also... I just wanted you to know where your threads went. I didn't want anyone to have a stroke when they couldn't find their threads... they are all still here... I just moved them. I thought maybe you would like an explaination. Like I said... no big deal :D