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Mar 18, 2006
Ok, so it would not idle but would run at 1200 rpm if I kept it cracked open. Dropped off at dealers and they told me that my final drive was gone. Once replaced we're still not running. Now it needs a "torsional damper."
What is a torsional damper? Does it rob me of torque? I hate dampened torque! Does it keep me from shooting acroos the road or from flipping over?

Anyway Triumph is covering that too. :)
Output shaft bearing. That was what was probably wrong to begin with when they thought it was the rear drive. However I don't think that will solve the idle issue.
:cool: Funny, I mentioned the output shaft bearing to them when I brought it in. Wonder what else I can get replaced before it's fixed?
I hate to impose upon you for a bit more explanation DougL. A nut shell's worth would suffice.

When I bought my bike, the dealer was raving about the power. So much, he said, that they had to put this monster spring (with the diameter of my finger, no less) to dampen the torque. The damper shaft assembly goes into the crank case (according to p. 8.11 of my manual). So the spring is between the engine and the transmission. I think. I assume that after the spring is compressed, you don't lose any torque. It shouldn't limit peak torque. It just keeps stuff from breaking when you crank the throttle.
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(according to p. 8.11 of my manual)

Ah yes, the page that starts with remove engine from frame. I remember now.:eek:
Perhaps I will have the engine painted now. Black like it's supposed to be.
Do you suppose all the doodads like the oil tank and exhaust manifold have to come off?
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