New rocket owner.. Breaking it in wide open...


.040 Over
Aug 3, 2007
I hope these bikes are tough. I have had my vtx 1800 for 3 years and it has 26000 on it now. Never had a minute of trouble. I have 135 miles on the Rocket now. Running it hard and fast. The only thing I have noticed is the clunky gear shifter.

Here are a few shots of my X.

Anyway I have heat cycled the new Rocket a few times and already been close to wide open in 5th. It should be good to go. It is an awsome powerhouse.

I have the Rocket exhaust off now and have several goodies on the way. Ill post some pics here soon.
Horsepower Galore

Rabtech...... Glad you've been promoted to Rocket Captain. Looks like you like power and after the VTX, you should already be accustomed to going fast. Keep us posted on how your R3 conversion is going.
Welcome Rabtech!

How many letters can you have on your tag? One of the "official" Rocket slogans is: "Size Matters" Something like SZEMTRS? XSIZE? or IEATFARKINGVRODS?? OH... that may be too many:D