my little recall story


Standard Bore
Jul 10, 2007
Ft. Collins, Colorado
Like the rest of you, I got my recall notice in the mail today. I called the dealer in Denver (closest one...about an hour away) and asked if the new tunes from tuneboy were going to do the same thing as what they were going to do. He didn't have a clue. Also went on about adjusting the stepper motor and stuff. Then told me that if bike was ever brought in, they would have to load the software regardless...laws and all that. I asked about the aftermarket exhaust...and he said they load the basic, then load the modified program for aftermarket exhaust. Bottom line...this little NHTSA recall just made things a wee bit more confusing. Question for you guys...are the new tunes (the 202xxx series) from Tuneboy the same ones that the dealer would be loading anyway? If they are, then I'll just do it myself and forget them...
Good golly RatBoy :eek: have you been in a coma. JD has been pushing up daisies since '97.
Good question m49512, and good answer Pig9r. It has alway been my quest to go around Denver but it seems they're always right in the way of progress.