Made by the Gods


Sep 8, 2006
Fredericksburg, Virginia
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I posted a similar thread on the RatNet site and drew some interesting responses. Since this group appears to be a little longer in the tooth, or in other words more mature, lets see what pops up. This Sunday morning I got up early, had my morning coffee on the back deck as the sun was rising and thought I really don't have any plans for the whole day. My wife of many many years had decided to sleep in, she never has been a morning person, I really believe it's something in their DNA. Later after reading the Sunday paper I headed to the garage and fired up the old 68 Bonney and hit the real back roads for an early morning ride. I only rode about twenty miles, but **** was everthing right with the world. The temp was about 70 degrees and just perfect. I stopped for breakfast at local greasy spoon and came on home. I'm going to watch a little football later today and then head to backyard for some Chesapeake Bay crabs and cold beer. This all leads up to my question, besides, an understanding wife, a good running motorcycle, good food, cold beer, and a perfect lazy day, what else was sent by the gods for us mortals to truly enjoy.
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It's (mortals). That's okay though.

The gods sent me chocolate fudge and baby swiss cheese. Not in that order and not together. I'll pass on the cold beer. I prefer cold milk.

Sure wish I could have made it to ToystoreTom's shindig. A little more lead time, and it's good to go. Next year for sure.:(
Oh Sure... make me feel bad....

But to answer Britman's question, on a nice quiet Sunday morning sometimes it nice to have the old dog with you when your reading the paper and enjoying some coffee, he just wants to hang out, you know....
:) Personally I think a great Sunday morning is Bible Study at 9am and then Church Service at 11:30 roll out my Rocket and go exploring for another day...That order works for me..and I'm a big fan of milk too having been a dairy farmer for 30 years..;)
The Gods

Yep. You just about summed it up. I'd swap crabs for jerkey (if thats how you spell it. we call it biltong here)and Formula 1 for football. But I do have something to add. A month ago I was blessed by a really cute grand-daughter. A cuddle with her really caps it off.:D
Good whiskey and a fine cigar in the evening after all that daytime joy works for me.

Oh and one of the greatest inventions in modern times....satellite radio....
Toystoretom said:
Oh Sure... make me feel bad....


Don't feel bad. There is next year and as long as I'm able and still ticking, I'll be there. Probably with BIL Bart. Sometimes farming sneaks up and bites you at the most inopportune times.

I'll bet you guys had a great time and as long as no "safe driving awards" were won, that's all we can ask the "Gods".
An early morning ride on the Rocket,followed by three dives netting enough fish for a large cookout,followed by a ride on the Rocket:D
Britman... Sounds perfect to me mate! Maybe I would've had a bit of morning glory before departing the bed :D Then just as you layed it out! Except I'm allergic to crabs... Man I hate that I'm allergic to shellfish!!! :mad: So maybe some Pork Spare Ribs on the BBQ while my little ones swim in the pool!