It's spring, isn't it?


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Last weekend they had a gathering of the Polar Bear club here in St. Joe, MO. It was down right cold last weekend here & I can't seem to phathom how they could "plung" into a hole cut in the ice at the local pond. Anyway, I was thinking of organizing a Polar Bike day where we would anticipate the **** coldest day of the year, like this morning, somehow get the bikes to start, and then go for a cruise around the "block". After all, they don't stay in the water very long, so our ride should be short too, right?

This winter is the longest I can recall. I'm ready to experience the Rocket thrill again, and soon. How about you guys? Let's all rub our hands together (or our wifes' or girlfriends' butts) real fast to add some friction heat (the best kind) to the atmosphere & get spring started a few weeks early, OK? Now, get out there & start rubbing so we can get back on board earlier.

See ya on the road.
Hey.... Where is 3Tic at? He should be able to predict spring :D....

Our local weatherguys say today is the beginning of the end for the artic air.... next week it might get into high 50's or lower 60's. I'm ready.
Since the groundhogs can't agree, Phil and B'ham Barney, I guess I'll have to use the dart board, the crystal ball has too much frost on it right now. The boards sezs: "Global Warminng is BS". And credible unfunded scientists agree. You get what you pay for.;)

We won't get into carbon dating right now. Who was it that said, " 4 out 3 people have problems with fractions." PM? Speaking of carbon dated:D

Perhaps Sunday I'll have a chance to look at the long range models.

Shoot,don't tell me It's gona warm up now,I'am just finishing up my 240 rear with studs and the ski for the front.
15 day fcst (til 03/01): Temp Abv norm E., Norm Cntrl., Below West.
Precip Abv East., Norm Cntrl., Abv West.
Rain East, Snow west(mntns), crap in the middle. Sorry for the Kansas crowd.

30 day fcst (03/01-03/15): Temp Norm thru out. Precip Norm Ern 2/3, Abv W 1/3.

It's looking like Phil was more correct; and, global warming is still crap. Even though NOAA is now on the band wagon, but still sucking heavily off the taxpayer tit, it's still BS. They get mega millions, to force Kyoto Protocols and U.N. sanctions down our throats. Did I mention getting what you pay for; and in this case, greatly overpriced.

Don't forget: Weather forecasters specialize in advertizing. Production is at a higher level.
And don't try to get me on "truth in advertizing", since when has that been real:D
Hear in the Midwest, this "freeze" started on January 12th and is the longest cold snap I've seen in my 13 years here. Therefore I'm solidly in the global cooling camp.:D

We have a clipper with light snow on it's way and after that we should have some warmer weather as Tomo stated.

From what I gather, logically, is that "Solar Activity" has a closer relationship to global warmer than green house gases. At best (according to people I trust) we contribute 5 or 6% of the total green house gas emissions. The rest as it has for centuries, comes from nature.

What really distresses me is how global warming is fixing to be one of the 21st centuries biggest political issues which inevitably will lead to misinformation, hysteria, and lots of our hard earned money.
nature channel

Green house gas is just and excuse and cash cow for the democrats don't mean to offend. Every so many million years the polar caps melt followed by a warming trend then ice age. It is just about our time to get tropical before the big freeze. Humans only contribute to 2% of the earths messed up weather the rest is nature it's self. It's all just a cycle. Tell the people in NY were there is something like 140" of snow there is warming trend.
Global Warming my Butt

I spent the day chipping ice off the rear deck and driveway. Fell on my @#$ the other morning going to get the paper. I had all three dogs with me and I know not one of them would have gone to get help if anything was broken,you know, Lassie and Timmy in the well scenario. I would have laid there till sun up, getting licked to death. I did take the Rocket around the block today, high of 28 degrees. I am hopeing to feel my hands anytime now and maybe have a pee around March 15th, I might be able to find it by then.
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Cold, ha!

I'd rub my hands together for warmth, but if I took off my gloves, they'd get frostbitten before any heat developed. I've been wearing my one piece Union suits for a month now. The ride around the block is out. 500 feet and some poor soul would have to pry my hands off the grips with a hammer and chisel. It was -5 here this morning when I went in to start the truck with a windchill of -20.

Speaking of trucks, my Western Star has been hot lined every night for 2 months now and plenty of fuel additive in the tanks as the new ULSD fuel likes to wax up around +7 degrees. I have to run the truck at 1500 rpm with the pump engaged for a half hour before the hydraulics will work. Loading and unloading roll-off boxes is a chore in this weather. Trying not to get frostbitten and do my job is hard. Besides, with machinery like big trucks, this severe cold brings out the worst. Items are breaking at an alarming rate and the fuel mileage plain sucks. Of course I have to put up with idiot cagers especially those in 4wd SUV's and pickups that think they can gas and go. 90% of the ditch bangers around here are in those vehicles....keeps the bump shops on overtime.:D

Winter is almost over, spring is right around the corner. In a way, I am glad we have had this cold weather. It's killed off all the pesky bugs and insects that overwinter in mild winters, emerging in the spring and raising my pesticide costs.

We are supposed to get 3" here tonight with brisk winds. Guess tomorrow morning I'll be in the tractor using the blower on the access and the road. Getting plenty of use out of the blower lately.