is it muerder to off some do gooders?


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Aug 16, 2007
its that time of year agen plus with an election in the offing the do gooders mostly lefty types and car owners have crawled out of there holes agen , now this would not be too bad but they are on some of the most influential safety commissions and the government listens to them , yes they are at it agen they tried two years ago but with an election on the horizon there back and guess who and what there target is agen , yep high powered motor bikes and yes they wont to ban them because they are too dangerous . bloody pin headed pea brained twonks more like they dont like the idea that we get somewhere faster than they do well if they like sitting in T jams for half of the day tough **** , get a bike and you wont ,ok let look at it there way , more young men are killed in bike crashers um ok but a good 40% if not more are killed by car drivers . now car drivers more young men are likely to have an accident get killed or kill someone between the ages of 17 to 25 , roughly the same age as the bikers the difference you might notes is that a biker is less likely to kill someone else lets face it when you are young you wont to go fast and take risks your young invincible but you mostly hit the twisters on your own so if you do wipe and cash out you do it on your own, ok so they wont to take my leisure and pleasure from me , and yes if they could they would take the other two too :mad: bastards finally ok let them so long as they get rid of there bentleys range rovers gt this and gt that and let us not forget all the high powered sports cars too :D
Do you guys have any organizations that promote or lobby the interests of bikers? In the US we have the American Motorcycle Association.

the bma but money talks and so does class **** were not in the 20s or 30s but bikes are still seen as a working class mode of transport or something for the hoolagen to use not decent people so it does not matter if we the toffs knaboos take the of the low life people who use them
I'm not very fond of Do Gooders myself, nor people that dream up new taxes for the general good of the public. It seems that they don't have enough to do on their own, so their efforts wander into the the realm of saving us from ourselves.

That's why we have organizations like the Hell's Angels... to terrorize the Do Gooders and remind them that in reality they can't control anything. Its very frustrating for them :D.
Phonetics is everything.....:)

Just remember, in the era of post 911 we all live in a society who's main thrust is protecting ourselves from ourselves and because the majority rules and the majority is hell bent on that particular venue we all have to just go along with it and like it. Of course we have special interest groups like the AMA and the NRA that lobby supposedly in the interests of their constituents but do they? This society reminds me of an ant farm, you know, one of those plastic ones with the see through sides..........

While we all have an ax to grind concerning our particular venue, we all tend to join the do-gooder's in pursuit of venues that don't directly concern our nucleus. So is the way of the world or as they (do-gooders say), 'as the world turns'
Phonetics is everything.....:)

While we all have an ax to grind concerning our particular venue, we all tend to join the do-gooder's in pursuit of venues that don't directly concern our nucleus.

Absolutely Flip. And vice-versa and all of the above.

"We all..." , as an opening line, is liturgical enough and thus tolerably persuasive.

Used twice in the same sentence, it becomes demagogic.

Do you realize that you're increasingly reading like a candidate for the presidency? :D