handlebar specs


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Mar 18, 2006
Can anyone tell me the center to center distance between the handlebar risers and the bolt size used? Any special spacers, sleeves etc? I need the metric size coverted to "english." I am having custom bars made and I have to supply sizes and I don't want to end up with some misfits.
I could also use the size of the end weight threads so I can use my cool Triumph handlegrips.
As a card carrying muckity muck I would try to help you out but I am having trouble trying to visualize what you want..

On a 2005, if you lift the instruments, you find a one piece handlebar clamp that has 4 allen head bolts that screw into the two risers. The measurement between the bolts (parallel to the bars), center to center of the bolts, is approximately 3 15/16 inches. I used a small ruler to get this measurement and had to "eyeball it" so we are not talking 100% accuracy here.

Metric bolts are metric bolts and they do not convert to "English", or do you mean SAE? It doesn't matter either way, this is like trying to convert apples to cats. Simply remove a sample of each bolt and take them to a hardware store and they can tell you the size of the bolts and the thread. The handlebar end weights are bolted on... look at the ends... you will see an allen head bolt.

You must be at a Harley shop if they want all this stuff in 'Merican :eek:

Let me know if I am close to what you want of if you can use some other sloppy measurements...
Converting This to That...

Here is an awesome FREE conversion program I have used for years that converts about anything to anything else. I have given it to everybody that I know. It even converts Metric to English to Merican!!! No Mexican though... Unzip the file into any directory and create a shortcut to the Convert.exe file. This might at least allow you to convert centimeters to inches or feet. Let me know if you like it or it helps...

MikeV :D :D :D