Electronic TRUE Cruise Control


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Mar 11, 2006
So. California
There was a recent post regarding cruise controls and throttle locks for a R3. I posted that there was a TRUE electronic cruise control made for cycles but I had e-mailed them last year and they had no interest to develop one for the Rocket. I sent the company another message to see if anything has changed. They now are very interested in developing and designing a system for our Rockets. PROBLEM 1: They would like to use more than one bike on and off for about six weeks during development. PROBLEM 2: They are located in Victoria Australia, too far from Southern California for me to loan my bike. Any Captains "Down Under" willing to let them use your bike for a bit. Here is a quote from the e-mail, ""If you could get the bikes we could have a look. The actual development would take about 6 weeks elapsed time. About 1 week for initial development of brackets etc, a couple of weeks to get the brackets back from the laser cutters and then a week to install and test. Finally several weeks to develop the instructions. We would need the prototype bike for about two weeks with a week or more between.

In order to do the development we need guaranteed orders for a minimum of 20 bikes. The prototype bike would have the kit installed for free and trade price on the kit.

Please note that we have development in train for the Clubcar Carry All 294 and Polaris Ranger, K1200S BMW, Triumph Sprint and Suzuki DL100 and 650. If you are interested, the earlier you can commit to this, the quicker we can get to it." Their website is: http://www.mccruise.com/

Let me know if any Captains "Down Under" are interested in buying one of these cruise controls and if you're willing to give up your bike for a bit...

This is the email I got back from them

Hi Jarrod,

The cost would be around $700 as long as we can be sure of other orders. We need the bike for two single weeks with a week or two in between to get brackets cut. Before we commit however we need to see the bike close up to determine just how difficult - or possible, the project will be. Is your bike absolutely standard?

We look forward to hearing from you.