Electronic Shifter


Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Ran across this site today and thought how much faster we could be without having to let off the throttle, disengage the clutch, shift gear, engage the clutch and throttle up again. Unfortunately I'm not techno anything when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Anyone out there that thinks this might work. If so would you be willing to talk with these folks to see if it would work with the R3 and give us a report.

You really need it???


The cost not including shipping is $365.00 US. I can't imagine either you nor I at our advanced age, need to shift that fast and if you do, get an air shifter. Some mornings I'm lucky to get out of bed, let alone shift fast.....come to think about it, my wife keeps telling me i'm basically shiftless except on payday.:D

Flip.... You already know the answer but I'll let everybody in on it. The one saving grace and equalizer is when I ride the BEAST! Everything doesn't work as well as it should on my own chasis and like you, it takes a while to stand up...... straighten up...... get the gyro's working so you don't fall over with the first step. I shuffle out the the R3, take a deep breath and try to get my leg over the seat with the first attempt. Then the magic happens.

I start it up, rev a few times and as I take off................... I'm fast and agile again. I'm 18 and can run as fast as I want. I'm equal to fellow R3 captains and far above other modes of transportation. I can move, turn, accelerate and stop with ease. That's why I asked Jamie about cornering. I wanted to go into the corner and come out without restrictions......minus my fear of laying it down. It makes me feel young all over. That's why I was interested and there's some foot problems from different sources that add to the equation.

Hope that helps explain why I did the search and I thank you for checking for me.
I say put it on there.... what the hell. Use it only when necessary. Your bike is starting to look very techno-imposing just the way it is... I'm sure it would confound any V Rod owner:eek:
:) When I'm heading out of Dodge in a hurry I don't bother with the clutch on upshifts and you don't have to let off the throttle much either...Give it a try and hang on...
Next year


I'm thinking that next year I'll have to come out there and compare notes with you. I'd be willing to wager I have more "battle scars" than you do. I'm a charter member of the zipper club.

I've been trying to figure out how to painlessly drill my elbow joints for zerk fittings along with my knees.:D

I'll buy the BBQ.
jefff1 said:
:) When I'm heading out of Dodge in a hurry I don't bother with the clutch on upshifts and you don't have to let off the throttle much either...Give it a try and hang on...

Good grief:

That sounds like impending destruction of the tranny and bevel box and I really don't think Triumph would stand behind their bike in those circumstances. I know, if it goes south and your dealer takes it apart how will they ever know?? I'll tell you. Any good mechanic can look at a grenaded engine, transmission or drive line and tell whether it's been overly abused. That's what they are paid for. Happens everyday in our shop and warranties are declined everyday too. Just because you maintain your bike religiously, that will not prevent catastrophic failure from abuse.

I'm not saying it will happen, just be apprised if it does and Triumph declines.