Different Style Guages


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Feb 25, 2006
Sidecar Flip has noticed that there are several different style faces to Rocket III guages and I was going to do a poll on what people have on their bikes... but a poll wouldn't give enough info to see if there was a pattern, because it may change by the model year or by what kind of Rocket you own (Standard vs Classic ect.)

There seems to be 3 different styles:

Half Black with a silver bottom that has a weird angle to it
Half Black with a silver bottom that is straight
All Black

My bike is a 2005 Standard with the half black and the silver with the wierd angle.

Anyone else???
Now you have me wondering if I'm loosing it.I don't recall seeing different types but now that you mentioned it I'll be on the lookout and make my report after I see mine again in the daylight cause I swear it is just grey.Well you got me on this one,silver and black with the angle on my 06'faster red
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