Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
These fuses are sold at Harbor Freight here in the USA. They are made in China and are probably sold all over the world.

The problem is they don't blow when the circuit shorts out, most times the circuit catches fire and your bike or car is destroyed. I would avoid them and destroy them if you already have them.

You should probably view anything made in China as suspect, dangerous, poisonous and defective. That is not my opinion, read the daily news. It has become obvious that the Chinese Government has no control over the quality of goods that it exports.

That's good to know. I don't deal with Harbor Fright at all. I've heard things that aren't too Kosher about their tools and stuff. My nephew gave my a Harbor Fright 3/8" drill last year. It lasted through 5 holes in a 2x4 before it smelled like a skunk fart and quit working....she resides at the landfill now.....

I always try to use either 'Little Fuse' or Buss and the big ones in the trucks are Buss 30-100 amp. I've never seen another brand that big.

Wonder what it's gonna be next. Fuses, toothpaste, dog don't want to know how much Chinese steel is coming into this country and I won't tell ya.