Dec 29 ride, YEA!


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Hey everyone, I know I'm not the only one who enjoyed having my buns on the seat of a Rocket today, but the unusual part of it is the date. 2 more days left in the year & I've enjoyed a few "throttle slings" the past few days, which is most unusual around here at the end of the year. 57 degrees when I set out this afternoon about 3:00 pm CST. I met the work gang at the local hangout (I've been on vacation all week) about 4:00 & watched football for a time. About 5:15 I arrived home only to find my wife needed a few items from the store. "I'LL GO" was my response, and before the Rocket exhaust sheetmetal stopped tinkling & pinging, I was aboard again and ready for whatever lay between home & the store. Only about 2.5 miles round trip but even .5 miles on the Rocket is considered worth the trip. If winter keeps this mode, I'll not have to even charge the battery during the "off season" due to the frequent riding opportunities that may lie ahead. I'll have to wait & see, but for now, "All is well with the world".

ps, arithmatically speaking: Beer + potato skins + football + beer + Rocket + beer = :D (**** eating grin)

See ya,

I feel for you. I almost took the R3 out myself. It was around 45 here but the road is **** and I don't want all that road **** covering the R3 so I relegated myself to polishing it a little and then polishing the T100 a little.

I know, all the little old lady's with their Datsun's need service, oops, I mean Nissan's.

This is a weird winter we are having. I read in the newspaper that some big ice shelf broke off the land it was attached to and floated away up in the Arctic somewhere and scientists are blaming it on global warming. I remember reading somewhere that if the polar icecaps melt, it will raise the oceans of the world over 500 feet, making the east coast the Delaware Water Gap, Tennessee will be the south coast and the western foothills of the Rockies will be the west coast. Hawaii, Japan, Cuba, The Virgin Islands, all low lying land masses will be gone. They (scientists) say this will happen in the next hundred years. Just so long as my plot don't get waterlogged, I'm happy. Actually, right now, in our time, this warm winter El Nino is bad. You need concurrent cycles of weather to keep pests in check. I'm waiting for Kudzu to start growing in Michigan.:D
I rode the Road King a little bit today there isnt a bunch of salt on this side of the state yet anyway. My Rocket isnt in yet but I am planning going to Life Cycle tomorrow and riding the demo for a little while my son will ride a 675.

WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO riding in December in Michigan doesnt happen often but ya got to love it when it does.

Pouring Salt on the Wound

Sorry you missed the ride Flip....... any day above 40 is a good day to ride for me. Of course it helps to have an extra natural layer to keep me warm. That's why I got the heated gloves because my hands are about the only thing left that are fairly thin!

I got up to 59 in Kansas City and only a sweatshirt and jeans took care of the riding gear. Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and a better '07.

Ride Safe
Rode from KC to Parkville today, it was wonderful, 60 degrees in late December in the Midwest My only concern is that this is what the dinosaurs were saying right before they were extinguished.:eek:
Dinosaurs will survive!

Freezing temps here in Western Switz., at long last. Warmest Nov. and Dec. --i.e. until last Thu.-- in one hundred years of local weather stats:eek: . Took the Rocket III out for a short ride yesterday, though. Only to realize, winter attire notwithstanding, that my body was not prepared to cope with such a sudden and massive temp drop. Called it a day after one hour and headed back home. Upon noticing my return, red face and shivering arms, the janitor coldly :confused: asked me why I had not used my car;)

Best wishes to all. Jamie
Rode from KC to Parkville today, it was wonderful, 60 degrees in late December in the Midwest My only concern is that this is what the dinosaurs were saying right before they were extinguished.:eek:


That's pretty philosophical for you but very fitting. Is Kansas City at least 500 feet above present sea level???:D
Shell premium 96 octane in Michigan $2.15 gal
Fuzzy warm winter Gloves $11.99
More Sta-bil for that new gas $7.89 qt.
Riding Your R3 in Michigan Dec. 30 F___ing Pricless

I thinking just 8 more week and I'm on the road again