Corbin guns. Any pics?


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Aug 27, 2007
Central SC
I've been thinking about getting either a Corbin Young Gun or Fast Gun seat. I can't find many pics of these on R3s. So...please post 'em if you got 'em. Also, how do you like the one you use? Thanks
Solo" Fast Gun" seat, here. That's a solo seat. Somewhere on my green Rocket, in the photo album in here, posted by Toystroretom. Comments?: Fabulous look, particularly with the optional faux carbon sides and backrest. Decent quality leather. A bit hard on my butt though, even after 30'000 miles of companionship.

Major drawback?: IMO, the sides of the sitting area are not contoured, i.e. they are cut almost perpendicular to the sitting area. Which is OK while riding but a bit of an inseam pain in stop 'n go traffic, parking manoeuvers, etc. Hope this helps. Jamie
Young Guns

I've just put one on mine yesterday (Young Guns) after also getting a new paint job. Have not ridden it yet (****e weather) but will post some new pics over the next few days.
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Thanks guys. Both look better than stock. Now if I could just get the doubledown11 logo stitched in:cool: Wilbur, can you use it for short two up rides? Also got any more pics with different angles of your bike? I don't think I've really seen the young gun on other R3s. It's quite nice.
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