Corbin Beetles w/ Aftermarket Exhaust


Dec 5, 2006
Durham, NC
Sorry Folks, but I searched and searched and couldn't find my answer...

Did we decide that Corbin beetles work with aftermarket exhausts?

TORS - Yes
D&D - ?
Jardines - ?
Staintune - ?
MadDogs - ?

I've gone Jardines and I seem to recall seeing post that someone with Jardines has beetles. I've killed too many brain cells so I don't know if I was having a bad or not.

Anyone know for sure?:eek:
Adhesive strips on bottom of bags

I only have the stock "Classic" tips, but I found that the adhesive wasn't too great, they started to come off on my trip to Nashville. Got some advice on Gorilla Glue or some such adhesive and it cured it. I highly recommend tugging on those strips prior to mounting them on the Rocket to make sure they're on good and if not apply the better "after market" adhesive.
I will say that the bottoms of the Corbin bags do tend to get "sooted" up a bit, atleast on my bike running TORs with cat-bypass. They clean up easy enough though..
That adhesive is Permatex "Super Weatherstrip Adhesive" (31731 80), should do the trick.
Thanks for bail-out:D

Flip - no sheep references, please

No problem there. Between Scot-in-exile and others, Jack is forced to keep on his toes, I mean, in his rubber boots....

That adhesive is Permatex "Super Weatherstrip Adhesive" (31731 80), should do the trick.


In bodyshop jargon that's called Gorilla Snot. I've used the stuff for everything from reattaching emblems to patching a hole in the top of my Clearspan hay barn. I hear another use (one I don't advocate or practice) is squeezing a bit in a brown paper bag and inhaling the fumes...........................
Beetle bags with Jardine exhaust

Hi Ratboy, I seen a Triumph Rocket today at my dealers and they installed the Corbin Beetle bags with the Jardine exhaust and I was talking to the dealer and he said they had no problem . It looks really nice