Check out this kids "200 mph" chopper


Yea Jamie they should leave them Busas alone...08 already for the strip..Got my 4th woody of 07...Crazy Jack

Ya I know,guess Ill just go eat a worm..I really want one of these around for when they tell my Ive only got 3 months. I could make a streak of red on the Interstate longer than any In history. It would be national news..Crazy Jack
America (where I grew up, BTW) will never cease to amaze me. Spending months and thousands of US $ to (in effect) mess around with a perfectly decent Hayabusa? ("Decent" as in power, chassis, brakes, roadholding, value-for-money- etc.)

How can such a conservative population as yours have such eccentric tastes when it comes to bikes:confused:

ROCK ON! Jamie

What era you livin in? You might update your history books. Classrooms today have all had their books written by revisionists. Bad conservative, bad! :mad:Socialism GOOD:p
You must remember, there are the haves and half knots. The disparity is growing by leaps and bounds. In no time a RocketIII will be selling in Dubai for 70k. Met a gentleman the other day who buys up classics. His latest acquisition was a 79 CBX in pristine condition with only 750 total miles on it. He had a foreign buyer giving 40k for it.
Now who has the money? It's not hard to imagine Ransom getting 70k for his works over yonder.
The title to my post was "Provocative Candor", HeR3tic, wasn't it? Topic being, so I thought, inflicting choppin' onto perfectly competent Jap superbikes. And my earnestly wondering why.

It should have been "DO NOT PUSH THE BUTTON" .

But, of course, you did push the button, didn't ya? . Hence the Dubai ( thou buy?) gentleman, the acquisition of classics, the pristine '79 CBX, the money to be made, the growing disparity, the revisionist books....

WOW! Jamie
**** Busa in Jack's picture don't even have a seat on it.......hemorroids unlimited. That 'S' on the tank assuredly stands for 'suicide'

So you did push the button, too, Flip. And managed to move this thread ("why would you mess around with the Hayabusa? ", per my candid --and still unanswered-- question) from "disparity" and "revisionism" (HeR3tic's valiant lexical efforts) to a quasi suicidal Preparation H withdrawal crisis?:D


Flipper, you only sit on It for 8 seconds and In those 8 seconds your bung hole puckers so bad that no hemmi could get out...HEr3tic & Jamie HUH..