Check out this kids "200 mph" chopper

hot rods

Yea really cool,but they start at 65 thou..why. You can buy busa engines at auctions all day long for 1500 bucks..They are plentiful..Think these kids are just being a little greedy..Ya aint gona ride them very far either..But fun fun..Stock busa will kill them with a proper suspension...BJC And 8-9 second quarter miles whithout a fairing ,,I doubt It..
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Provocative Candor

America (where I grew up, BTW) will never cease to amaze me. Spending months and thousands of US $ to (in effect) mess around with a perfectly decent Hayabusa? ("Decent" as in power, chassis, brakes, roadholding, value-for-money- etc.)

How can such a conservative population as yours have such eccentric tastes when it comes to bikes:confused:

ROCK ON! Jamie
Beautiful bike.... I'm not going to argue about the 'go-fast' or the craftsmenship it takes to built a bike like that...

However, because Flip must have let this one slide, it would have been nice to have a headlight that works...:eek:


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