Celebration again!


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Hey doubledown11, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!

Hope this is a day you enjoy and everyone treats the "Birthday Boy" nicely.

See ya.
Thanks guys. Sadly my bike is at the dealers recovering from having some gas pumped in it this weekend that was apparantly tainted with alot of diesel fuel. Byron (the mechanic) says it's fine and got it running yesterday. But I told him to hold it till my new toys come in tomorrow and monday. He's going to be putting on iso grips, brakeaway throttle lock, cat bypass, plate relocator, new kuryakyn mirrors, and new tune:D. I also bit the bullet and ordered myself a Garmin Zumo 550 today:rolleyes:.(Excellent price from Amazon) Can't a guy do somethin nice for himself? Looks like I've caught a bug and theres no cure. Throwing money at it makes it feel better though.
Happy Birthday. The diesel fuel mishap :)confused:;)) sounds like a perfect excuse to indulge in the other things you're talking about. Most of the owners I know just tell their wives that oh s*** ! there's that recurrent, erratic idling problem showing signs of coming back, demanding an immediate visit to the dealership.

Only to come back with more bling:D
Happy birthday DoubleDown...

We get a lot of cars where the diesel ends up in the gas, it does no harm but it sure runs like crap. I think the diesel lubes the top end some :D.

Water seems to be a popular contaminant from the gas stations also. That will shut her right down on a fuel injected vehicle, almost like someone threw a switch. In both cases you just have to clean the fuel system out. Not so hard on a motorcycle... some cars and trucks it is a real project :mad:.